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SA8000 social responsibility policy



First, people-oriented and mutual respect;



Second, establish good working conditions and environment;


Third, work together to build team spirit and enhance productivity;

三、群策群力, 建立团队精神,贯彻资源增值

Fourth, enhance the company’s operating capacity.

四、提升公司营运能力好景管理层, 本着持续改善,自我完善的精神,带领所有员工,通过以下承诺及方向, 达成以上方针并满足以下需要:

In the spirit of continuous improvement and self-improvement, the management will lead all employees to make the following commitments and directions to achieve the above policy.

万晖管理层, 本着持续改善,自我完善的精神,带领所有员工,通过以下之承诺及方向, 达成以上方针:

  1. a) 遵守SA8000社会责任管理标准的要求;
  2. A) Comply with the requirements of SA8000 social responsibility management standards;


  1. b) 遵守国家及地区与社会责任系统要求相适用之法律及法规,以及遵守相关国际劳工组织(ILO)公约的规定;
  2. B) Comply with the laws and regulations, applicable to the requirements of the state and regional and social responsibility system, as well as to comply with the provisions of the International Labour Organization (ILO);

遵守国家及地区与社会责任系统要求相适用之法律及法规,以及遵守相关国际劳工组织(ILO)公约的规定;c) 加强与员工沟通,本着以人为本、相互尊重的原则,让员工能以积极正面的态度工作,配合公司要求及发展;

  1. C) To strengthen the communication with employees. Based on the principle of people-oriented, mutual respect, let the employees take a positive attitude to work towards the requirement and development direction of the company;


  1. d) 完善系统管理,创建及维护健康、安全的工作环境;
  2. D) To improve the management of system. Create and maintain a healthy and safety working environment;


  1. e) 为保护环境主动采取节能减碳,降低环境负荷。
  2. E) To protect the environment. Take initiative on energy saving and carbon reduction.

为环境保护主动采取节能减碳,降低环境负荷。管理层及社会绩效团队致力按上述方针及方向,协同相关管理层制定相应计划项目、管理系统程序及持续改善方案,并由指定之责任者,通过不同形式的培训及宣传活动进行沟通与工作安排,以确保全员明白并贯彻执行, 同时亦把相关方针, 在可控制的范围, 影响利益相关方。


According to the above policy and direction, the management and the social performance team will work for the project plan, management system procedure and continuous improvement programme. Through a variety of trainings, promotions and communications, the assigned responsible persons or officers will ensure all staff are fully understand and will implement accordingly and, at the same time, convey the relevant policy to the relevant stakeholders and influence them.

管理层及社会绩效团队致力按上述方针及方向,协同相关之管理层制定相应之计划项目、管理系统程序及持续改善方案,并由指定之责任者,通过不同形式之培训,宣传活动,沟通及工作安排,以确保全员明白及贯彻执行, 同时亦把相关方针, 在可以控制的范围, 影响利益相关方。